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Few interesting facts about lashes



Eyes are one of the most important detail in women - just by applying mascara women get ready to conquer the world. Even though, lashes takes very big part in your daily makeup, you probably haven't know much about the small hairs. Here are some facts about the lashes, which is interesting to know: 1. Eyelashes protect the eyes from dust and dirt. 2. Only one sort of species has eyelashes - mammals. 3. Eyelashes are made of 97% keratin and 3% water.

4. Maximum lash life expectancy is about 50 days. 5. The upper and bottom eyelashes have different shape, length and quantity. Upper eyelashes have usually around 200 hairs on one eye, and the bottom - about 60 hairs.

6. The average amount of eyelashes that falls everyday is between one and ten, it takes two to four weeks for new eyelash to grow. 7. The most common natural eyelash length is slightly shorter than the centimeter. 8. Worldst longest eyelash was recored to be 6.4 centimeters. Unbelievable, right?