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Dreams about beautiful lashes can become a reality!



There are countless ways of making eyelashes brighter - extend them, curl, laminate, glue fake lashes and many others. Although it is very important to know how to treat the natural lashes in order to keep them and even improve them. This is especially important when you extend eyelashes.


Reasons eyelashes fall


Admit it, any woman will become upset if her eyelashes suddenly start falling. These problems can occur for many reasons. One of the main problems are taking bad care of eyelashes, using poor quality makeup products, bad nutrition. Stress also negatively affects eyelashes.


First step would be making sure you haven't got any health problems, allergies, inflammatory eye diseases, and other internal problems. In such cases it is best to meet a doctor.



There is no secret that hair and eyelashes condition reflects your body's health. If there are no diseases, eyelash recovery needs correct and constant care. And now we will give you a basic rules of eyelash care:


Rule number 1. Use the right makeup remove technique.


No matter how tired or how lazy you are, removing makeup in the evening is a must. Leaving makeup before going to sleep not only will make you a big problem in the morning, but it can also help appear bags, under the eyes. It is important to know that soap and water - is far from being the best tool for cleaning the makeup. Washing your face with soap and water may cause you many unwanted problems. You have to use special products for makeup remove.


If you are using a waterproof mascara, it is best to remove it with a two phase lotion with oil.
It is simple to use it: wet
cotton pads put them on lashes and wait for at least a minute, otherwise the product wont remove mascara. Carefully remove mascara with slowly strokes.


You should also know that waterproof mascara may cause your lashes fall, so it is proposed to use only when you truly need it. When knowing that you eyes will have contact with water.


Rule number 2: Periodically use compresses with chamomile.


Wet cotton pads with chamomile broth or tea, put pads on eyes and hold them for 20 minutes. There are also other compresses, but before using them you should have a chat with your doctor.


Rule number 3: Choose your mascara wisely and pay attention to rules of use.


Mascara should contain these kind of vitamins: it should be A, B, C, E vitamins, panthenol, lanolin, special complexes of keratin reconstruction. Check that you are not allergic.


Rule number 4: Use feeding masks of lashes from oils and oil vitamins A, E or special products for eyelash growth and strengthening.


As everyone knows, the eyelashes are hairs. Which are made of 3% water and 97% keratin. For this reason, the eyelash treatment is perfect with almost all products of growth extracts and vitamins.


Alternative for oils are special eyelash gels. If achieving the right proportions of mixing oils is hard at home, there is a way, prepared gels containing everything you need: minerals, vitamins and other necessary things.

Not only content of gels have everything you need, they are also packed in a very comfortable to use case. They also got a nice smell. You should make such procedures at least once a day. Eyelashes recovery make take one month.

Follow these rules and you will see result in no time, your lashes will look great and will always be healthy! 


Lovelashes wishes you and your eyelashes to stay healthy.